A Change In Layout

Well, it’s been nearly 6 months since the last entry … and quite a bit has happened to the layout in that time. The main activity has been the tearing up of the first layout for a number of reasons.

  1. The gradients and curves necessary for running the “Over-Under” inverted Figure 8 just caused too many problems for my larger locos … especially the Streamlined Coronation Class “City of Chester”. Derailments all over the place
  2. Complexity was causing frustration
  3. It just wasn’t doing it for me … and that couldn’t stay

After a bit of thought, and some research, I tripped over this site which had an N-scale layout that could be adapted nicely on my OO-scale 1600mm x 2300mm table location.

I do not intend to have this much track, but it provided just the right inspiration to get me moving again. With a bit of fiddling, this is what has resulted:

Since these have been taken, there has been a further finessing of the layout to extend the two end loops slightly so the terminal branch pair of tracks is now straight rather than dog-legged. I have also extended the internal branch line to rejoin the mainline and provide an internal goods loop.


  • Double track means I now have the ability to run multiple trains at once
  • Continuous loop for when I just want to watch the trains roll
  • Two isolated tracks that don’t cross (by default) means my two young daughters can ‘drive a train’ each at the same time without too much fear of interference (although one rather enthusiastic use of the throttle saw a rather disastrous derailment
  • I have a bit of operational and entertainment potential with the intent that the central portion will likely be a canal terminus and the inner loop and branch will be goods servicing
  • Plenty of opportunity to break the track out when I can start to expand around the walls under the house 🙂

Far more to do yet, but I am now satisfied that I have a good basis for development. As long as I can resist the urge to keep adding track, this will meet my two main needs: keep me learning and allow both my girls to interact with the layout without fear of collision.



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2 responses to “A Change In Layout

  1. I like the sweeping curves on this design. What is the final overall length and width of the layout area? Any chance of getting a final layout diagram or at least overhead photo of your final configuration?

    Good stuff!

    • I haven’t measured the length … but will do so … and will definitely provide a final layout track plan/photo once I finalise what I am going to do in the middle.

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